The Best Time to Take Whey Protein for Weight Loss

The Best Time to Take Whey Protein for Weight Loss

We all know whey protein is a great arsenal to fight extra weight. However, what we are not sure of yet is the best time to take the supplement. Preferably, whey is part of a holistic weight solution and should not be treated as the only perfect solution. It must be combined with a set of other necessary requirements for maximum results. Here is a brief overview of the best time to take Whey protein for weight loss.

In between meals as a snack

Knowing the right time to drink protein shakes is useful in optimizing the benefits derived from whey protein. The best way to supplement your diet with whey protein is taking it in between meals. Body metabolism is often at its highest at these times and can easily break down whey protein concentrates. Take little quantities of meals 5-6 times each day and supplement whey protein within them appropriately. 

Protein shakes low in carbohydrates can contain about 150 – 200 calories. The low calorie snack heightens the body metabolism that burns the extra fat accumulated from other foods.

Emergency meal replacement

Using whey protein as a suitable meal replacement is suitable for people with busy schedules. Instead of missing a meal completely, you can replace it with a protein shake that is easier to prepare. You can use this idea too during long distance travels. Use protein shakes to fill the void, instead of indulging in irregular meals that could drag your weight loss goals.

During breakfast

Whey protein can be added to oatmeal to make very nutritious breakfast. This makes a nutritious meal with balanced quantities of protein and carbohydrates. Apart from the nutritional benefit, whey protein prevents abdominal bloating which is common after eating oatmeal.

At Bedtime

Individuals feeding on strict diets often feel hungry at bedtime. This can turn out torturous to some extent. One can take a protein shake during such situations to suppress hunger pangs. Amino acids present in protein shakes also aids in getting better sleep as well as release hormones responsible for burning fat.

Before training

Individuals taking part in training can take whey training in the morning just before going out. More importantly, whey protein is a must have for those engaging in weight training. Weight training is an essential exercise for those serious about losing adequate weight. Protein shakes help in avoiding muscle catabolism that occurs whenever one exercises on an empty stomach. During catabolism, muscles are broken down to feed the energy requirements of the body.

In summary

Everyone buys whey protein with the intention to get most out of it. However, you can use it liberally if not trying to save it up. For better results, you can use whey protein as outlined below:

  • Immediately after waking up while on empty stomach.
  • About one hour before exercise.
  • During workout.
  • Immediately after exercise.
  • After dinner or just before going to bed.

Whey protein is beneficial and can result in serious body gains if used wisely. Still, it must be balanced appropriately with other whole foods with regulated quantities of calories.