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Cellucor COR-Performance Whey Protein Review

Cellucor’s COR-Performance whey is manufactured with the aim to deliver more protein and better flavors within every scoop.

  • Price 80%
  • Composition 90%
  • Taste 80%
  • Negative Side Effects 70%


Cellucor COR-Performance features 100% whey protein, added digestive enzymes and minimal carbs or fat. Its formula is manufactured from whey protein isolate that is quickly digested and absorbed. Each serving of the formula packs about 25g of protein. This quantity of protein is adequate in satisfying the protein needs of the body at any time of the day. With such features and capabilities, it is quite clear that COR-Performance is here to set new standards within the protein supplement industry.


COR-Performance Whey is available in the following flavors.

  • Cinnamon swirl

  • Cookies and cream

  • Strawberry Milkshake

  • Vanilla cream

  • Molten chocolate

  • Peanut butter marsh-mellow


COR-Performance whey protein is fine and easy to mix, though quite heavier than powdered sugar. In fact, you do not need a shaker for this powder. Gone are the days proteins were chunky, clumpy and hard to mix.

When to take

Cellucor COR-Performance whey protein is useful before and after workouts. It can also be taken as a quick fit snack anytime. Drink a maximum of 4 servings each day or as required to satisfy your protein intake requirements. It is best used together with a well – balanced diet consisting of whole foods among other protein sources.

COR-Performance can serve more than just protein shakes. You can add a scoop of the protein powder into yogurt, oatmeal and pancakes among other backed recipes.


It is formulated to mix and dissolve instantly in milk, water or other preferred beverages. Therefore, users have a wide variety of choices over the beverage to use without worrying on the ability of COR-Performance whey to mix easily.

Has high digestibility and is easily absorbed within the body. Probably, this has something to do with the missing gluten. It is therefore suitable for use by gluten sensitive people who experience stomach upsets when consuming other proteins.

It is a reliable protein supplement used in connection with health goals such as fitness, bone support, immune system and weight management. It is recommended by most health experts for building muscles and quickening the recovery time.


The powder can be very expensive especially if consumption directions are followed strictly.

Individuals sensitive to dairy products need to start off slowly with smaller scoops to assess their tolerance.

Protein content is relatively low when compared to that present in other supplements. This is so due to the superior taste integrated within COR-Performance whey. Additional texture and flavoring agents are also responsible for the reduction in protein purity.


Cellucor COR-Performance whey is definitely one of the best blended protein powders available on the market. This is what has made the product stand out more within the overcrowded market of protein supplements. Look no further if you need a straight forward whey supplement blended to deliver more packs of protein within a simple package. It is a suitable post workout choice with minimal fats and carbohydrates. It is worth considering for those who fancy high quality protein powders designed with unique flavors.



  • Instant Mix
  • Easily absorbed by the body


  • Quite Expensive
  • Less protein