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Arnold Schwarzenegger Series Iron Whey Review

Arnold Schwarzenegger series iron whey is a high quality and fast digesting protein formula. It is manufactured precisely to aid in muscle growth and recovery after workout. This formula supplies the body with large amounts of amino acids required daily by the body. Moreover, Arnold iron whey is trades up to a purer and more superior supplement as compared to its competitors.

  • Price 80%
  • Composition 90%
  • Taste 80%
  • Negative Side Effects 90%


Arnold Schwarzenegger Series Iron Whey constitutes 100% whey protein, whey concentrate, isolate and hydrolysate, amino acids as well as lactase. Amino acids present are delivered quickly and absorbed fast to facilitate the building and recovery of muscles from workout activities. They are also responsible for added immune support.

Lactase aids the digestion and absorption of the supplement and other foods consumed. Moreover, Arnold Iron whey does not contain gluten like most milk supplements do.


Arnold Iron whey is available in two major flavors: chocolate and vanilla. The two flavors taste similar to Combat, which is remarkably on of the best protein blends on the market.


The supplement is available as either a 2 pound or a 5 pound.


Arnold iron whey has high drinkability. It dissolves evenly in water and milk. A perfect blend is formed when mixed with a shaker or blender. The mixture is devoid of frothing, residue and clumping.


Despite the numerous negative reviews available on the Internet, Arnold Schwarzenegger Series Iron Whey have some genuine benefits.

First, it contains lactase, which is a nice touch to counter lactose present in whey protein concentrate. Lactose is not a big issue on weight loss success but can be damaging to those intolerant to lactose.

Secondly, Iron Whey is gluten – free and a reliable option to those intolerant to gluten. It is also a safe alternative for those avoiding gluten for reasons known to them.

Finally, Iron whey is a fast absorbing supplement due to the predominant whey protein formulation. This helps supply the body with a quick boost of amino acids and protein immediately after exercise.


Even though useful, Iron Whey has a few constraints. It falls short of its competitors who can give over 80% of protein in a 100% whey protein package.

Moreover, 100% blended whey protein provided by Iron whey is unsuitable for novice or beginning trainers. It is only beneficial for those who have their diets in check and are ready to strictly venture into muscle building. Protein blends containing whey protein and casein are the best for beginning trainers who are yet to figure out a reliable diet to supplement.


Arnold Schwarzenegger Series Iron Whey is a standard blend of whey protein with no gimmicks and funny ingredients. It is quite revolutionary and effective in catering for both advanced and beginner trainers. Even though it has little quantities of protein, the future production is expected to make it one of the best products in the market. With time, Arnold Iron whey is expected to be a top seller within the sports nutrition industry.



  • Contains Lactase.
  • Gluten-free


  • More appropriate to serious bodybuilders.