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What is Whey protein?

Whey is a popular protein derived from milk and used by athletes and body builders. It constitutes a mixture of globular proteins that are separated from the casein present in milk. Alternatively, it can also be formed as a bi-product of the cheese making process. Whey is regarded a complete protein since it contains all the 9 essential amino acids and low quantities of lactose.

Ideally, whey protein is a mixture of beta-lacto globulin, alpha-lactalbumin, bovine serum albumin, immunoglobins and Glycomacropeptide. Furthermore, the protein is available in three major forms: concentrate, isolate or hydrolysate.

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Is Whey safe?

Even though protein consumption is popular, most people are not yet assured of its safety level. Ideally, whey protein is a safe supplement for use by most adults. However, this is only valid as long as one sticks to the prescribed usage instructions. Excessive use can result in serious side effects such as nausea, cramps, bloating, headache, reduced appetite and fatigue among others.

According to recent research studies, the recommended daily consumption of whey protein is capped at 1.5g/kg. However, it is still possible for one to use as high as 2.8g/kg. These figures sound exaggerate but have no side effects on the functioning of body organs.

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The different types of whey

Whey protein is available in three primary types: concentrate, isolate and hydrolysate. Whey protein concentrate is the cheapest form among the three. It contains a high percentage of proteins with a minimum cap of 29 and maximum of 89%. Low end concentrates are used for food products while higher end proteins are useful in the nutrition industry in the manufacture of protein shakes.

Isolates are 90% protein with nothing extra. Ideally, isolates are highly processed concentrates. The extra processing eliminates fat and lactose. Isolates are expensive due to the additional processing. They are less tasty but suitable for those engaging in workout activities.

Hydrolysate is a highly concentrated version of whey protein after isolates. The extra step of manufacture is responsible for the high cost of hydrolysates. Consumption of WPH cuts out hydrolyses of proteins before absorption. Therefore, WPH is quick absorbed and used within the body.

Most people find WPH superior among its counterparts. However, whichever form of whey protein is superior depends on the type of activity on is engaged in.

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How can Whey help you lose weight?

There are various ways whey protein can help in weight loss. First, whey protein consists of fewer calories. Standard whey shakes contain about 100 calories. Consumption of two shakes each day provides the body with little quantities of calorie incapable of resulting in weight gain.

Secondly, whey has rich quantities of leuclne which is useful in the synthesis of proteins. It facilitates mechanical burning of calories that could accumulate as extra fat.

Thirdly, whey protein satiates the user’s appetite. Glycomacropeptide present in whey stimulates the production of cholecystokinin which signifies satiety. Hence, whey can be useful in preventing overeating.

Lastly, whey proteins are a great meal substitution. Substituting one meal everyday with whey shakes cuts out the intake of extra carbs and calories. It creates a huge deficit of calories, which eventually results in effective weight loss.

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The best time to take Whey protein for weight loss

Most people do not know the best time to take whey protein supplement. First, Whey should suitably be taken as a snack in between meals. Body metabolism is always high and can break down whey protein easily. Consider taking small quantities of meals each day and supplement whey within them appropriately.

Secondly, whey protein is a great emergency meal replacement for people working on a busy schedule. You can replace a meal with protein shake instead of missing it completely. They are easier to prepare too.

Thirdly, they are useful during breakfast. They can be mixed with oatmeal to make a very nutritious breakfast. The blend has balanced carbohydrates and proteins, useful in preventing abdominal bloating.

Fourthly, consider taking whey protein at bedtime. This is more appropriate for people feeding on a strict diet plan. Whey shakes are useful in quenching hunger at bedtime, which can turn out to be torturous. The little amino acids present in whey protein can also stimulate a better sleep.

More importantly, whey protein should be taken in the morning before going to workout. It helps in preventing muscle catabolism that occurs when one is exercising on an empty stomach. Muscle catabolism results in the breaking down of muscles to boost the energy requirements of the body.

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The best Whey Protein Powder for Weight Loss

1. 100% Whey - 92/100

Gold standard 100% whey is the best-selling powder utilized within the sports industry. Whey protein present in this product is utilized more during recovery after workout. Primarily, it consists of isolates, cholesterol, lactose, fats and Branched Chain Amino Acids in little quantities. Gold Standard is available in over 20 tempting flavors.

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2. Syntha-6 - 90/100

Syntha-6 is a multi-functional protein supplement manufactured to provide adequate supply of protein into the body. The supplement is available in numerous flavors that mix well to form a delicious milkshake. It is extremely delicious and ideal for muscle growth and protein synthesis.

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3. Iron Whey - 85/100

Arnold Iron whey is manufactured precisely to support muscle growth and recovery after workout. The supplement supplies the body with adequate amounts of amino acids required for proper development of the body. It is available in vanilla and chocolate flavors which have close resemblance to Combat protein supplement. It contains lactase that counters lactose present in whey protein concentrate. It is also gluten free and is absorbed quickly into the muscles. Arnold Iron Whey is definitely a standard blend with no gimmicks and funny ingredients.

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4. Combat Powder - 82/100

Combat powder is engineered to precision with various protein sources that disintegrate at different rates. With the different rates of digestion, combat powder blend trickles within the muscles for a maximum of 8 hours after consumption. It is the right product for active individuals, more so athletes.

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5. COR-Performance - 80/100

COR-Performance consists of 100% whey protein combined with added digestive enzymes. It also contains minimal fats and carbs. Each serving of the supplement contains about 25g of protein. Popular flavors include cinnamon swirl, cookies and cream, strawberry milkshake, molten chocolate, vanilla cream and peanut butter marsh-mellow.

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